The hoop device is composed of a hoop plate, a wing plate, a ribbed plate, a bolt and an inner liner.

There are many kinds of hoops, cable hoops, electric pole hoops, pull hoops, hanging hoops, stainless steel hoops are more commonly used.

The utility model relates to an embedded hoop, which is formed by the combination of the left and right halves of the hoops, and the left and right halves of the hoops are all semi-annular, and the ends of the semi-rings are bent outward, each forming a The mounting ear is characterized in that: the mounting ear on one end of the left half of the hoop has a slot, and correspondingly, the mounting ear on the corresponding end of the right half of the hoop is provided with a pin, and the right half holds the end of the hoop The pin on the mounting ear is embedded in the slot on the end of the left half of the hoop.

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