ntegral fitting tee by process (1)

ntegral fitting tee by process (1)
1. Hydraulic bulge

  the hydraulic bulging of integral fitting tee is a forming process that compensates for the bulging of the manifolds through the axial direction of the metallic material.The process is the use of special hydraulic machine, will be equal to the diameter of the tube integral fitting tee injecting liquid through two horizontal side cylinder hydraulic machine synchronized movement of the extruded tube, the tube by squeezing the volume becomes smaller, tube the liquid within the tube with a smaller volume and pressure increases, when it reaches integral fitting tee

integral fitting tee

  the hydraulic bulging process of integral fitting tee can be formed at one time,and the production efficiency is high; the wall thickness of the main pipe and the shoulder of integral fitting tee are increased.
  Because seamless integral fitting tee of hydraulic bulging process required equipment tonnage is large, the current domestic mainly used for less than DN400 standard wall thickness integral fitting tee manufacturing.Suitable molding material is relatively low tendency for cold hardening of low carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, including some non-ferrous materials, such as copper, aluminum, titanium and the like.