how to use and precautions for sour gas pup joints

short radius swivel joint are high-pressure fluid control elements for cementing and fracturing equipment. Is to change the direction of the construction line connection and ease of pipeline connection. Widely used in the acidic operating environment (excluding CO2, H2S acid gas containing operating environment) in the high-pressure discharge line, input line, the temporary flow line, well-testing pipelines and another high-pressure transfer line. the specifications of short radius swivel joint are 1½ "~4" in, rated working pressure 42MPa~105MPa, working temperature -46℃~121℃.
short radius swivel joint
How to use and precautions
How to use:
(1)before use, you should check whether the parts of the short radius swivel joint are flexible and easy to use.;
(2)allowable pressure to meet the construction process requirements, can not reach the standard cannot be used;
(3)with the hand hammer from Wang, adjusted to the desired angle and then hit tight or tighten the pipe clamp.
(1)after use to clean and put away;
(2)to the bearing to be oiled, to prevent rusting.