how to Maintenance high pressure flange

In our production and life, high-pressure flange he basically play a role in the protection of a pipe connection, if high-pressure flange its quality is not very good, then it will have a very big impact on our pipeline, so, engineering team in the construction of the time, basically will use relatively good quality, high-pressure flange, but the quality especially in its operating environment, is not a very good premise, then it will be more obvious damage, and this time we must do a good job of high-pressure flange maintenance measures.


Whether to high-pressure flange to do a maintenance work, it brings the result is a very big difference, if a common high-pressure flange, its service life is about five years or so, then we use the process, subconsciously will do some maintenance work, then it can extend the service life of about two times, which is able to use ten yearsTherefore, the high-pressure flange maintenance is very necessary, so what are the normal life of high pressure flange maintenance measures can be used, in order to carry out high pressure flange maintenance work, there are many factories, he will make out, steel high pressure flange, like this material high pressure flange, its production cost is very high, but the high production costs, the daily use of the process, the loss will be very small, almost negligible.

high pressure flange

In this way, the usual maintenance work becomes very simple, only need to pay attention to the correct method of use on it.

Want to high pressure flange to make a maintenance measure, in addition to the material from the hand, we should also pay attention to a high-pressure flange occasions, high-pressure flange of different materials, it is not the same occasions, such as ordinary high-pressure flange, his a pressure resistance is very low, if in a high-pressure case, we are using flange loss to come more, so customers in the selection of these high-pressure flanges, we must do homework in advance, you can consult the factory in advance, tell them, we are ready to use these things in what place, so that the factory can be based on the information we give to make.