high-pressure union selection and connection of hoses

The union is divided into the high-pressure union and low-pressure Union. the high-pressure union is a pipe connection used in the oil drilling process.high-pressure union manufacturers have a lot, but some questions about the high-pressure union in the use of online information are very small. So today we will share the high-pressure union use and installation process needs to pay attention to.

high-pressure union selection

the high-pressure union is a type of Union. High-pressure union is used in a relatively high-pressure pipe above the azelaic, according to the size of the pressure high-pressure union has the following models: 602 type, 1002 type, 1003 type, 1502 type, etc., high-pressure union in front of the number such as "602" mainly refers to its working pressure, the general unit is PSI. The larger the number, the greater the working pressure, and vice versa.Now let's talk about the installation of the high-pressure union.

high-pressure union installation

high-pressure union

high-pressure union and hard pipe connections are mainly two, one is welded, the welded high-pressure union at the time of connection to choose a different electrode according to the material, it is important to remember this. Another is the threaded connection, the general use of NPT screw connection, according to the site of the use of the election to match the thread.

high-pressure union hose connection

high-pressure union and hose connection are also very important if the use of steel wire reinforced hose should be used withhold. In this case, the working pressure of the pipeline is very large, mainly on the use of high-pressure hose is mainly water hose. If the cloth and hose connection, then you can also use withhold type, but in order to save costs commonly used vulcanization. This connection is used in a relatively small pressure pipe above.

The above is a simple installation instruction for the high-pressure union.