high-pressure union parameter

high-pressure union use:

Used in a cement truck, fracturing truck, various manifold, pipeline, and other high-pressure equipment, it is an important accessory for transporting oil, water, fracturing fluid and mixed liquid. This product is made of high-quality alloy steel by casting and finishing, with good mechanical properties, sealing performance and different pressure levels, are the ideal accessories for oilfield drilling operations.

high-pressure union working temperature-29℃~+80℃

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high-pressure union connections are available in three types: threaded, welded, anti-hydrogen gas.

high-pressure union Type: 100 types 200 types 206 types 207 types 211 types 300 Type 400 Type 402 Type 600 type 602 type 1002 type 1003 type 1502 type 2002 type 2202 type solid control system fast convergence Assembly (gas tire by azelaic) telescopic steel by azelaic.