fig 1502 meaning of hammer union

fig 1502 meaning of hammer union

For figure 1502 hammer union number: three digits, the first one represents the working pressure; four digits, the first two represent the working pressure.

The latter two digits represent the form of sealing by the type and contact surface of any contact surface:

00 -- taper surface, metal contact seal;

02 -- taper surface, rubber pad seal;

03 -- male (Male Sub, with either end of the nut) taper surface open”O "ring groove, ”O" ring seal.

1002 working pressure is 10000psi, 02 representative buckle type;1502 working pressure is 15000psi

fig 1502 hammer union

I'll give you a general introduction.:
Oil equipment high-pressure manifolds generally use fig 1002 hammer union, fig 1502 hammer union, fig 1003 hammer union and other specifications by the Union
In addition, the size (2 inches, 3 inches, 4 inches, etc)
Connection points welded and threaded
By Wang circle has three wings, four wings.

Commonly used by the nonyl connection thread
1"-1502 by Union connection thread 2 15/16-3 1/2Acme-2G
2" - 602 by azelaic connection thread 3 13/16-3Stub Acme-2G
2" - fig 1502 hammer union connection thread 4 1/8-3 Acme-2G
2 1/2"-1502 by azelaic connection thread 4 7/8-3Acme-2G
3" - 602 by azelaic connection thread 5 3/8-3 Stub Acme-2G
3"-1502 by nonyl connection thread 5 3/8-3 1/2Acme-2G
4" - 602 by azelaic connection Thread 6 1/4-3Stub Acme-2G
4"-1003 by azelaic connection Thread 6 7/8-4Acme-2G