design features of high pressure swivel joint

high-pressure swivel joint
technical parameters and performance are in accordance with the API 6A specification. Its product specification level is PLS3, the performance level is PR2, it can be interchanged with similar products of SPM company.
the high-pressure swivel joint is made of high strength alloy steel and is manufactured by a special heat treatment process. It uses a unique ballistic, steel ball structure, ensure high-pressure swivel joint has good turning performance and impact resistance. Acme threaded connection, making it easy to disassemble, fast, reliable connection characteristics. Multiple sealing designs and high machining precision ensure the sealing performance of high-pressure swivel joint.

1.90-degree high-pressure swivel joint is connected by a hammer, with flexible, fast tightening, under unloading and pressure, sealing characteristics, easy to transport and storage;

high-pressure swivel joint

2. Long radius high-pressure swivel joint three volleyball road design, can effectively withstand the load and radial load. So that when the pressure is stable, when subjected to a changeable load, the vibration in the pipeline is small;
3. Each joint size is exactly the same as FMC's similar products in cementing and fracturing equipment, strong interchangeability;
4.Uniform wall thickness, long service life, more smooth conveying fluid;
5.Seals made of hydrogenated nitrile rubber, good sealing performance;
6. The seal comes with a metal discharge ring, while the design has a relief hole. In the event of leakage of the seal will automatically reduce the pressure to prevent the pressure accumulated in the fairway cavity, the use of safety is greatly improved;
7. High-pressure swiveljohn's on-site maintenance usually requires only occasional lube to ensure its normal operation.