What are the design features of the weco wing union?

1.weco wing union is processed by a precision machine tool with precision spherical surface and 90-degree conical surface to make the product with good strength and high pressure;
2. LP thread processed by CNC machine tools and imported tools, NU thread, EU thread. High precision and strong sealing, it is a reliable guarantee for high-pressure sealing;

weco wing union
3. The sealing ring is made of imported rubber. After the sealing ring and the joint are matched, not only the sealing performance is good, but also the corrosion at the joint is avoided, thereby prolonging the product life;
4. The weco wing union used in the acidic environment is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the NACE MR0175 standard;
5.weco wing union connection is ACME thread, can be quickly tightened, unloaded without special tools, and has self-locking. Products are interchangeable with international standards.