Weco wing union's use of vandalism factors have those?

Now that Weco wing union is used more and more widely, What is the factors that cause damage when using weco wing union?

Weco wing union has quality assurance. If there is damage, it is usually not appropriate to use it, or there is a problem with the equipment in weco wing union production process:

1, do not let Weco wing union deformation in the process of processing and production, otherwise, it will damage weco wing union or loose joints.

2, when the bending radius of the high-pressure rubber hose is too small, usually choose the right angle joint to avoid the sharp bending deformation of the high-pressure rubber hose.

Weco wing union

3, in the course of normal operation, shall not pull the stem. It must be steep, otherwise, it will cause the high-pressure rubber hose to burst.

4, in order to prevent Weco wing union damage and the flow rate is limited, should be as large as possible Weco wing union bending radius.

5, when the temperature rise of the hydraulic system in the course of operation is too high, should check the high-pressure tubing, in the continuous operation process, should adopt the necessary cooling method.