Weco wing union requirements for utilization, storage, and custody

weco wing union in the use of more hydraulic support, the use of each frame is about 10-30 Root, therefore, Weco wing union structure, application methods, and convergence methods will directly affect the stability of the stent.

(1)ultra-high pressure washer in the working condition, the hose must not be distorted, and try to prevent twists and turns. If necessary, zigzag, zigzag radius is not too small to ensure, generally not less than 15 times the outer diameter of the tube, otherwise it will lead to the enhancement layer outer Wire is stretched, the inner wire will be tight, and then drop the entire Super Weco wing union compressive strength, after all, affect the use of hose life.

(2)Ultra-High Pressure Cleaning Machine in the working condition, ultra Weco wing union cannot be heavy rolling, Sharps bumps, do not bend, to maintain the outer layer do not wear excessive; suspension use of a high-pressure pipe to a short distance fixed strong.

(3)during the operation of detailed cleaning operations, to try to prevent frequent opening and closing the hand-held high-pressure spray gun, in order to reduce the impact of pressure pulses on the hose, and then extend the use of hose life.
weco wing union
(4)in order to prevent the onset of trouble, to prevent the joint falling or damage wounding, Super weco wing union should be provided at the convergence of Wire Weaving maintenance sleeve convergence two.

(5)in the device and open the Super Weco wing union convergence at the time, can not be demolished strong twist, to maintain cohesion threaded, together with the requirements of the device when the need to change the smooth outer surface of the thread sticky oil, Open after the use of maintenance sleeve maintenance cohesion thread.

(6)Super weco wing union in the long-term without the use of the case, should be emptying the internal water, according to the rules of the size of the hose winding plate into a roll after the flat position. Special attention needs to be paid to the twists and turns of the adjacent parts of the Super Weco wing union joint, the Joint should be altered anti-rust oil to prevent exposure to high temperature, high pressure, and strong corrosive media.