The production process of the Forged flange

We come back to understand the production process of Forged flange

  Forging process generally consists of the following steps, namely the selection of high-quality billet material, heating, forming, cooling after forging. The process methods of forging flange are free forging, die forging and fetal film forging. Production, according to the size of the forging quality, the number of production batch choose different forging methods.


  Forging flange low productivity, large allowance, but the tool is simple, versatile, it is widely used in forging simple shape single, small batch production of forgings. Free forging equipment with an air hammer, steam-air hammer, and hydraulic press, respectively, for the production of small, medium and large Forgings. Forging high productivity, simple operation, easy to implement mechanization and automation. Forging high dimensional accuracy, mechanical machining allowance is small, forging the fibrous tissue distribution is more reasonable, can further improve the life of the parts.