Talking about various methods of high-pressure flange processing

  There are many processing methods for the high-pressure flange. The general processing method between a factory and a factory is different. This also makes the price of welding high-pressure flange products different. The most common ones are usually the most common. It is to produce some factories such as high-pressure flange because such factories are producing at a faster speed, and such products are relatively large, but the teacher said that the profit of such products is meager, and some are not very good. High-pressure flange, such as a high-pressure flange, some high-pressure flange, and some high-pressure flange, the production process is slightly more complicated, so the profit is slightly higher, and the amount is also, In reality, there are fewer. The high-pressure flange used in our actual production is almost in the pipeline, or in some ventilation systems.
  high-pressure flange
Another flat-type welding in various industries, such high-pressure flange is still more, and some high-pressure flange is also affected by the impact, because the original use of flat welding high-pressure flange After the introduction of the high-pressure flanges standard, the pressure of the flat high-pressure flange product became very high, and even a pressure of 100 kg, we can see it in the high-pressure flange standard catalog of 9119. Yes, because there is such a high-pressure flange standard here, the pressure of the high-pressure flange of the Pepsi steel pipe is improved.
  In fact, there is nothing to improve, that is, the thickness has increased, the outer diameter has become larger, and the material is still the same material