Stainless steel weco wing union installation precautions

The weco wing union is a flexible pipe element. The weco wing union should be installed when the pipe passes through the deformation joint to compensate for the displacement of the pipe in all directions caused by the foundation settlement and absorb the vibration energy.

The weco wing union is mainly installed at the deformation joints in the metro station. The deformation joints are mainly distributed in the station entrance section, and the air duct is close to the wind valve wall.

Weco wing union setting principle

Weco wing unions of different lengths are selected according to the actual situation on site. Generally, the nominal diameter of the hose is the same as the nominal diameter of the pipe, and the length of the hose is determined according to the displacement caused by factors such as the degree of the settlement of the deformation joint and the installation deviation.
weco wing union

Stainless steel weco wing union installation precautions

When storing and transporting the weco wing union, handle it gently to avoid injury to the metal mesh;

Pay attention to the protection when installing the weco wing union on the construction site to avoid the weld slag splashing weco wing union;

When installing the weco wing union, a certain degree of freedom should be guaranteed to prevent the weco wing union from being subjected to tensile stress. For ease of installation, the lever can be added after installation.