Forklift Accessories Suppliers

Xinheli owns 6 sets of die forging production lines and supporting machine processing equipment, the main equipment: programmable hydraulic forging hammer, friction press, electric screw press, medium frequency induction heating furnace and other forging equipment; CNC machining center, wire cutting, electric spark and other molds Processing equipment, CNC machine tools and general machine tools and other machining equipment. Equipped with heat treatment, physical and chemical testing, metallography, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, hardness, our annual production of hot die forgings and machining is more than 5,000 tons.

Tecnology and Quality:
1. Raw Material: Purchased from entrusted supplier with third party inspection.
2. Experienced technicians and workers with regular training to keep stable quality.
3. ISO 2328 and ISO2330 standard production process and fully heat-treated.
4. 3 times static overload testing

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