Do cement hose loop identification marks have those?

High-pressure cementing hose loop installation fast, easy disassembly, just open the three-jaw nut from the Union Assembly can be connected to the pump or another ground manifold when using the site. cementing hose loop mainly has ordinary thread sealing type movable manifold and overall movable manifold two kinds.Specifications and 2in, 3in, 4in, working pressure is 42MPa (6000psi), 70MPa (10000psi), 105MPa (15000psi).

cementing hose loop identification tag:

Specification model nominal working pressure elbow connection type buckle type color marking

cementing hose loop

T100×12 42MPa T100×12 metric blue
T99×12.7 42mpa t99×12.7 inch blue
2"x 42 42MPa 3.8125-3Stub Acme-2G 602 blue
2"×70 70MPa 3.8125-3Stub Acme-2G 1002 Orange
2"x 105 105MPa 4.125-3-Acme-2G 1502 red
3"x 42 42MPa 5.375-3Stub Acme-2G 602 blue
3"×70 70MPa 5.375-4-Acme-2G 1002 Orange
3"×105 105MPa 5.375-3.5-Acme-2G 1502 red
4"x 42 42MPa 6.25-3Stub Acme-2G 602 blue
4"×70 70MPa 6.25-4-Acme-2G 1002 Orange

These are some of the identification marks of cementing hose loop, hoping to help you.