Circulating hose loops design features

product description
1.circulating hose loops for oilfield cementing, acid fracturing and other operations;

2.circulating hose loops are assembled by moving elbows and hammering by sputum and high-pressure pipelines, which can be flexibly rotated in three directions;

3. The active pipeline is suitable for various high-pressure operation discharge pipelines, infusion pipelines, well-testing pipelines, cementing mud pipelines and other high-pressure working conditions conveying streams in oil fields;

4. There are many types of active elbows in the active pipeline;

5. The active pipeline specifications are 2”, 3”, 4”, working pressure is 35 (5000psi), 70MPa (10000psi), 105MPa (15000psi);

6. Because the high-pressure straight pipe can be connected, the split body is generally suitable for the low-pressure manifold, and the joint body is generally suitable for high-pressure manifold;

7. According to the needs of users, we can provide various manifolds of various specifications, pressures, and lengths (ordered by expanded size).
circulating hose loops
Second, the design features

1. The movable elbows in the manifold are flexible, impact resistant, shock resistant, and have a large flow rate;
2.circulating hose loops good sealing performance;
3.circulating hose loops are connected by three-jaw nuts, featuring quick tightening, lower unloading, and pressure-proof sealing, easy to overlap, convenient for transportation and storage;
4. Providing sulfur-proof circulating hose loops under acidic conditions;
5. Threaded connection and international connection, can be interchanged with similar products at home and abroad.